The Most Popular Lawyer Types

Once a student has graduated law school and passed the bar exam, finding an area of practice that fits his or her interests can be difficult. Each one requires unique expertise.

Workers’ compensation lawyers provide families whose loved ones have been injured or killed on the job with both closure and financial compensation.

Civil Lawyers

Civil lawyers specialize in numerous areas. Environmental attorneys address environmental and conservation concerns; bankruptcy lawyers help individuals and businesses overcome their financial issues; healthcare lawyers specialize in medical law regulations; entertainment lawyers specialize in entertainment-industry related legal issues; while tax law specialists assist with tax issues.

Civil litigation lawyers play an essential role in handling legal disputes without criminal ramifications, including those concerning personal injuries, family, real estate and employment law matters. Furthermore, these legal professionals also help manage corporate legal affairs.

Defense Lawyers

Defense attorneys fight hard on behalf of their clients accused of crimes. This may involve representing them against misdemeanor and felony charges; conducting interviews with witnesses; performing legal research to build up a case theory for each client; as well as performing any necessary interviews or legal research required in order to build their defense case strategy.

Family lawyers specialize in handling matters between members of a family, such as divorce or child custody cases. Employment lawyers focus on cases between employees and employers such as unfair dismissal claims or health and safety violations.

Medical Lawyers

Medical lawyers specialize in many aspects of healthcare law. This can include representing doctors against malpractice lawsuits, instructing healthcare providers on adherence with health regulations and informing businesses on compliance with privacy laws.

When filing a case alleging medical negligence, a specialized medical attorney will review all available records and conduct on-the-record interviews with both parties involved (the plaintiff and alleged negligent medical professional) to assess evidence for their case. They may also consult with medical experts in order to build one for their client.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property attorneys offer clients invaluable assistance with managing their portfolio of patents, trademarks, copyrights and copy rights as well as litigation and international issues. Clients of an intellectual property law firm range from unknown inventors and pharmaceutical companies to celebrities.

Legal professionals represent their clients in cases of intellectual property (IP) infringement, often fighting over-assertions by “IP bullies.” Furthermore, these legal professionals draft formal letters declaring ownership or disallowing usage of artistic expressions belonging to clients; draft licensing agreements; or provide legal briefs.

Finance & Securities Lawyers

Securities lawyers specialize in financial markets, helping their clients comply with complex federal securities laws while also helping avoid fraud, sue over fraudulent claims or defend allegations of such acts.

Contract attorneys often handle the paperwork associated with initial public offerings (IPOs), private placements, mergers and acquisitions. Working for either government agencies or law firms, their job involves gathering disclosure documents and complying with SEC regulations; additionally they advise corporations on how to “go public”, assist with expanding operations and ongoing capital needs as well as help them with “going public” processes.

Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers provide companies with assistance in adhering to state and federal employment laws as well as aid employees in disputes regarding wages or other workplace issues.

Whistleblower lawyers provide essential protection to individuals who expose corporate wrongdoing to government agencies or media outlets, protecting them against employer retaliation while helping them recover monetary damages from wrongdoers.

Bankruptcy attorneys provide assistance and advice for both individuals and businesses filing bankruptcy. In addition, these experts also provide advice regarding other financial matters such as estate planning and taxes.

Corporate Lawyers

Recognizable corporate lawyers have become household names thanks to their stellar skills and accomplishments. They have successfully navigated the complexities of business law for high-profile clients while developing legal strategies that have transformed entire industries.

Tax lawyers specialize in filing taxes, which requires extensive knowledge of both federal and state regulations. Additionally, they help individuals and businesses with any related tax-related matters and filing issues; additionally they may assist with audits if necessary.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers provide invaluable services to help individuals and companies through the complicated process of acquiring visas, citizenship, asylum or green cards. In addition, these experts also advise companies on international hiring practices.

Immigration attorneys frequently deal with vulnerable clients such as refugees or victims of human trafficking. Therefore, they require strong interpersonal skills in order to show kindness and provide comforting reassurances.

When choosing an immigration attorney, be sure to find one who specializes in your type of case. Avoid “visa consultants” or “notarios,” who provide low-quality services at cheap rates; rather look for a licensed attorney offering consultation services.