When is Family Law Returning in 2023?

Family Law is a branch of legal practice which deals with issues surrounding divorce and child custody arrangements, often leading to emotional disputes and resolution outside of court.

Jewel Staite stars as Abigail Bianchi, an attorney and recovering alcoholic who finds herself forced to work at her estranged father’s firm while handling dysfunctional families of her clients. Meanwhile, she attempts to rebuild her own life.

January 2023

Family Law, The CW’s Canadian legal drama series starring Jewel Staite and Victor Garber, returns for a second season. Abby Bianchi (Jewel Staite and Victor Garber), an attorney recovering from alcoholism forced to work at her estranged father’s law firm as part of probation conditions, must navigate her dysfunctional family while practicing family law for the first time.

The series premieres Wednesday evening at 9:00pm alongside Wild Cards starring Vanessa Morgan and Giacomo Gianniotti, taking their place alongside current Wednesday night shows Sullivan’s Crossing and Moonshine.

February 2023

The CW Network recently unveiled their midseason premiere dates, and there are no Kryptonians or Texas Rangers to be found among its returning shows. Instead, legal drama Family Law and comedy Run the Burbs have both returned.

Abby (Jewel Staite) seems to be on solid footing at her father’s firm, while her personal life remains chaotic. While trying to navigate a relationship with Harry while also working through sobriety issues – her work assisting dysfunctional families could potentially help keep it all together?

March 2023

The CW released its summer schedule this week and it features numerous acquisitions and reruns – from international series Son of a Critch, Run the Burbs, Children Ruin Everything and Moonshine to Sullivan’s Crossing and FBoy Island reruns – plus original episodes that return.

Family Law follows lawyer Abby Bianchi (Jewel Staite) as she struggles to rebuild her life following hitting rock bottom. To fulfill the terms of her probationary period, Abby works at her estranged father’s family law firm while developing new relationships with both his former wife and daughter-in-law as well as with Abby’s half brother and sister.

The comedy also stars Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan and Grey’s Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti (Max’s father).

April 2023

The CW is gearing up for an exciting summer of programming on The CW with international comedies Son of a Critch and Children Ruin Everything as well as international drama Moonshine, as well as domestic comedies Bump and Son of a Critch premiering internationally and dysfunctional family drama Moonshine premiere dates set. Additionally, fall will bring FBoy Island and limited series Greatest Geek Year Ever: 1982 on board.

Nexstar Media Group, The CW’s new owner, is shifting towards lower-cost co-productions and acquired or syndicated series while cutting some youth-skewing scripted dramas from its programming schedule.

May 2023

Family Law follows Abby Bianchi, a recovering alcoholic and lawyer, as she embarks on her new legal career after taking on her estranged father’s top family law firm with her half siblings. Starring Jewel Staite and Victor Garber as Abby takes on new clients while dealing with her dysfunctional personal life.

The CW recently unveiled their summer lineup and it features several acquisitions-heavy comedies like Son of a Critch, Children Ruin Everything, Run the Burbs, and Moonshine along with legal drama Family Law.

June 2023

The CW’s summer lineup includes Son of a Critch, Run the Burbs, Children Ruin Everything and Moonshine; plus Season 2 of Canadian Jewel Staite-Victor Garber drama Family Law. In addition, Bump and FBoy Island will return for airing later on the network.

Family Law follows lawyer and recovering alcoholic Abby Bianchi (Staite), as she attempts to put her life back together after reaching rock bottom. She takes a job at her estranged father’s law firm as she enters family law for the first time while forging relationships with both half siblings she never knew she had.

July 2023

The CW has just unveiled their summer 2023 lineup and it features several acquisitions. New international comedies Son of a Critch, Children Ruin Everything, Run the Burbs and Moonshine are being introduced along with returning shows Family Law and FBoy Island.

This drama centers around Abigail Bianchi, a lawyer and recovering alcoholic. She works at her estranged father’s law firm alongside her half-brother and sister to deal with dysfunctional families. Starring Jewel Staite, Victor Garber, Zach Smadu and Genelle Williams.

August 2023

Family Law returns for its second season since debuting in Canada in 2021, featuring Jewel Staite who is acclaimed for her portrayal of Kaylee Frye on Firefly.

The CW has unveiled their summer schedule, and it looks acquisitions-heavy with Run The Burbs from Kim’s Convenience star Andrew Phung and Moonshine about dysfunctional siblings being added. Additionally, legal drama Family Law returns with Jewel Staite and Victor Garber.

Family Law follows Abigail Bianchi as she finds herself on the brink of despair following a public courtroom scandal. Working for his firm while trying to rebuild her personal life is where the story takes us.

September 2023

The CW has renewed Family Law for a second season. Starring Jewel Staite as Abigail Bianchi, an attorney suddenly thrust into dysfunctional family law due to an unfortunate courtroom mishap, this series follows her journey into that realm.

Family Law will return alongside Canadian series Wild Cards starring Vanessa Morgan from Riverdale and Grey’s Anatomy’s Giacomo Gianniotti from Grey’s Anatomy; as well as new series like Recipe for Disaster, FBoy Island, Down to Earth With Zac Efron as well as one new episode of Moonshine on CW!

October 2023

Starting October 1, 2023, Maryland no longer recognizes fault grounds for divorce; instead couples must demonstrate either mutual consent, irreconcilable differences, or six months of separation – even within the same household – before being eligible to file. While this change could lower conflict and stress levels among some couples, it will still present new challenges to many others.

The CW has unveiled their summer schedule, and it features many acquisition-heavy programs. Their scripted selection features international comedies Son of a Critch, Children Ruin Everything, Run the Burbs, Moonshine as well as legal drama Family Law featuring Jewel Staite and Victor Garber.